The Shadow Thief: Revisited

“Variks has brought unsettling news. The Devil Splicers have used SIVA to resurrect an old foe: Taniks the Scarred has become Taniks Perfected.”

“Taniks's crew has joined the Splicers. They're using SIVA to reanimate his body and overtake his territory. Lord Saladin says you were indispensable in Old Russia, Guardian. We thought you should be the one to handle this.”
Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey

The Road to King's Fall

Category: Ikora Rey

The Stormcaller's Path

The Iron Tomb

Category: Lord Saladin

The Walls Come Down

The Shadow Thief

Category: Taniks

Ghost Scan: Taniks' Door

The Shadow Thief

Category: Variks

The Wolves of Mars

The Last Array

Category: Zavala

The Taken War: Earth