Quest: The Lost Cryptarch

Hanger, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Holliday: Everybody's got their head in the clouds. Dreamin' City, Hive worm god, Warmind... It's easy to forget about the lives of regular people, even for... well, for heroes like you. Remember the Cryptarch in the Reef? I do. His name was Ives. Yeah, that's right: "was". He's dead. And not like all the other Awoken who died in the Reef. Petra says he was murdered. She sent me all his stuff. Got her own problems out on the Shore, so this is up to us. Cayde taught me a lotta nonsense. But he also taught me that you gotta follow a trail before it goes cold. Keep an eye out for the pages that go in that thing. They're the only clues we're gonna get.

The Guardian collects the pages from Ives' journal by decrypting legendary and exotic engrams and defeating powerful Fallen in the European Dead Zone. After the pages have been collected and Amanda is able to decrypt the journal, the Guardian heads to several Lost Sectors in the European Dead Zone in search of more clues.

Holliday: Still can't believe what they did to his robe. Treated it like a trophy. Even a puffed-up Cryptarch doesn't deserve to end up like that. Nobody does. I was out of ideas, so I showed Rahool what you found. His face when he found out... like it had happened to him. Couple hours later, I get some coordinates on my terminal - for a Fallen transmat pad in the EDZ. I can't read where it's pointin', but it's somewhere they don't want you to be. This is our chance. Head back across the pond, use that transmat, and get ready for trouble.

Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth

Holliday: OK, got your signal. Where'd you end up…? Oh my cotton socks - the Cosmodrome?! Uh… sit tight! There. I scrambled your location. Zavala won't know you're breakin' the quarantine on Old Russia. Do me a solid and stick to the Wall, OK? All hell's gonna break loose if the big guy finds out you're there. Meantime, I'll keep you covered. See if you can find any clues nearby. Then track down the Fallen bastards that did this. After all, you've got some practice.

The Guardian heads towards the Wall and finds a barrier blocking the entrance into the Wall. An Irradiated Shank appears. The Guardian defeats the Irradiated Shank, disabling the barrier. The Guardian heads into the Wall.

The Breach, Old Russia, Earth

The Guardian makes their way through the Wall, eventually entering a large room. Kikliss, Murderer appears. The Guardian fights against Kikliss. A servitor, Rudriks-9, appears. The Guardian defeats Kikliss, Murderer and Rudriks-9. The Guardian heads back towards the area outside the Wall where they first landed.

Holliday: That's it, huh? You got 'em. Somethin's still buggin' me about this, though. Get back to that teleporter when you can. But listen: I don't think my little trick is gonna fool Zavala twice. This might be the last time you ever set foot in the Cosmodrome. See you back in the Tower.

Hanger, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Holliday: Good to pay Old Russia a visit, huh? Lotta memories back there. I still think we're missin' somethin'. What were the Fallen really after? Why go after some Cryptarch from the Reef? Ah, well, that's above my pay grade. Meantime, you should probably have this. I found it in his stuff. One last trinket he don't need. And... thanks, Guardian. Not everybody's lucky enough to get avenged.

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