Article: Visitors Out of Dreams—Changing Reef Relations

By Leia Terazzas, Political Correspondent at the City Herald

Recent strategic summits between Queen Mara Sov of the Awoken and the Vanguard have provided our citizens with that rarest of honors: a glimpse of our Awoken neighbors.

The City has hosted a small Awoken population for centuries, but Reefborn subjects of the queen were more commonly contained to Awoken settlements and outposts within their own territory. The queen's secrets were guarded zealously, and prior relations with the City often bordered on hostility. In the face of common threats, however, this isolationist policy has since softened.

For today's citizens, the arrival of Awoken Corsairs is a minor spectacle.

"I just know it's some sort of divine monarchy?" one local commented. "How are we supposed to keep up with everything in Sol these days? But they sure look impressive."

Initial impressions of the Awoken Corsairs appear to be positive, with several residents describing them as disciplined, worldly, and surprisingly grounded.

"We made a choice to help Earth long ago," said one Corsair. "I'm glad we can do so openly."

While the imminent battle for the Traveler is foremost on everyone's minds, several Corsairs noted their hopes for continued cooperation, especially given rumors of a resurgence of the infamous Ahamkara.

As another Corsair put it: "There's a lot we're going to have to figure out together in a hurry."

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