Message from Aunor I


My name is Aunor. I serve the Hidden and the Warlock Praxic Order. You and I have never met, but I hold you in high regard.

You've accomplished wonders for this City, and humanity owes you a debt it cannot repay. A marvel for one so young.

But, in true Guardian fashion, nothing you did for the City came from generosity.

I think you want what everyone with power wants: more.

The man called Drifter knows this. That man has done what past influencers could not: manipulate Guardians into dabbling with the dark.

And yet the Vanguard stands by in silence.

Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey know who he is and everything he stands for.

They still let him bring his Gambit into the system. What's more, they have forbidden the Praxic Order from interfering.

It's against everything the Praxics stand for. We won't abide it, and we're looking into his activities, building a case against him even the Vanguard can't ignore.

Do me a favor. From one Guardian of this City to another.

You're free to keep your business with him. Just give me the chance to convince you the Drifter's not to be trusted.


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Message from Aunor II

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Message from Aunor II


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