Opulent Stalker Grips

"I have foreseen the work that will bring this system together. I'll need your cunning." —Emperor Calus

MCXXI, forthcoming.
Recorded by Underscribe Shipal

Thus did the Shadow of Earth slay the shipwright Amanda Holliday.

There was among Earth's people a pilot to rival Jarrus the Ace-Defiant. Her name was Amanda Holliday, and when the Emperor saw her fly, he was pleased; when he saw her destroy his pleasure-vessel, he was thrilled; when he saw her shoot down the Shadow of Earth, he exulted.

And so, when the Shadow of Earth recovered from death, the Emperor said, "Bring me the Ace-Resistant."

So the Shadow landed upon Earth and sought Amanda Holliday on foot, for even an Ace must return to land sometimes. The Shadow found her camp, and approached her, and put up no defense when the Ace-Resistant drew an Auto Rifle. The Ace-Resistant killed the Shadow many times, until she had no ammo left, and then the Shadow beseeched her, for the sake of their friendship, to speak as they once did.

The Shadow held out a hand, and Amanda Holliday, the Ace-Resistant, took it in her own.

Then the Shadow slew her, and brought her body to the Emperor saying, "I have brought you the Ace-Resistant."

And the Emperor laughed, for his Shadow was a clever and a covetous soul.

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