Peace by Consensus

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"The Consensus is bigger than the Speaker. Bigger than any of us. It will survive, because it has to." —Commander Zavala, acting head of the Consensus

Consensus Meeting 3230.01
Zavala: "I call this meeting of the Consensus to order."
New Monarchy: "Only the Speaker can call us to order."
Cayde-6: "Oh, really? Well, guess we can't have meetings anymore. If you'll excuse me—"
Ikora Rey: "Sit down, Cayde. We're having this discussion, bylaws be damned."
FWC: "What do the bylaws say about choosing a new Speaker?"
Z: "Nothing."
IR: "Then we'll write new ones."
DO: "Knowing us, that's going to take time. A lot of time."
Z: "In the meanwhile, we will have to move forward without a Speaker."
NM: "Who will take his place? You?"
Z: "None of us will take the Speaker's place. And all of us will. We must find our own consensus now."


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