Untethered Edge Mark

Show your true intentions.

"Greetings, Saint-unit! I have several queries related to events that transpired during my recent period of isolation!"

Saint-14 nodded to Failsafe's terminal in the H.E.L.M., which flashed excitedly as she spoke.

"Yes, of course." Saint replied. "The fight against the Witness took us to many strange places, and we made many strange allies."

The Exo pulled up a chair and sat beside Failsafe. He curled his hands into fists, lifting them in a gesture of triumph.

"The portal to the Traveler was our first great obstacle. We did not know how to pass through it, nor did we know what the Witness was doing. We lost many Guardians… and civilians."

There was a moment of silence for the lives sacrificed in pursuit of the Witness.

"We did not know how to proceed," Saint continued. "But then Deputy Commander Sloane returned to us, saying that she knew of a being who could tell us more. With great effort, and much diving into the seas of Titan, we spoke to this being."

Failsafe gave a series of high-pitched chirps. "Yes! Guardians frequented Nessus in higher numbers at that time."

"To fish," Saint-14 agreed, his momentum broken. "But this being, this proto-worm, Ahsa—"

"So there are fish? In the lake? The lake made of radiolaria?"

The Exo sighed, then shook his head and continued.

"Yes. So, Ahsa pointed us to Savathûn, who knew how to pass through the portal. Of course, at the time, she was dead. But her Ghost, Immaru, came to us and said Xivu Arath must be taken down first. Only then would he resurrect her."

"How many fish?" the AI asked urgently.

"Um… I… do not know," he said. "Many?"

He cleared his throat. The Exo tapped his fingers against his knee, frustrated.

"Anyway, we then turned to Eris and Ikora, who knew the Hive and Savathûn better than any of us. Eris performed a… ritual… to transform into a Hive god herself!"

He jumped up, fists raised, scraping the chair legs against the floor of the H.E.L.M. in a loud shriek. Pausing, he looked around, cleared his throat, and sat back down. He raised a finger.

"And then—"

"Could someone bring me a fish? And a fish tank?"

Saint paused, blinking.

"Maybe the Guardian can arrange it," Saint said impatiently. "Xivu Arath—"

"I have compiled a list of potential names for a fish!"

"That is… very nice, Failsafe. So, Eris banished Xivu Arath, and Savathûn was resurrected! She gave us what we asked for: a way through the portal! But we had to make a bargain with Riven, the great Ahamkara of the Dreaming City, and—"

"If we could return to the topic of fishing…" Failsafe interjected cheerily, and Saint put his head in his hands.

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