Ana Bray — Evacuation: Mars

"I'm glad Zavala sent you back down," Ana says and smiles. "He's been asking after Red. It's sweet."

"Here's what I've learned. When he was attacked, Rasputin pushed some of his signal back along the comms relay. He'd be disguised as something benign. We need to find it."

"We can also help the Vanguard. Mars Hive are using a ritual to strengthen Savathûn. Disrupt it. And while you have your weapon drawn…"

She gestures out the window, where towers jut from crimson dunes. "Enact Escalation Protocol. Attract Hive—all the Hive you can—and do what you do."

She takes a breath. "He's still out there," she says. "We're both counting on you."