The Guardian approaches and lands on the Almighty using Thumos' ship

Ghost: Zavala's troops are getting into position around the city. But they can't attack until we shut this thing down. So. Ready when you are, partner.

Starboard Landing, The Almighty

Ghost: We made it. We're on the Almighty.

Ikora: Good. You must find the ship's central core and disable its weapons system. Your best option will be to follow the fuel stream.

The weapon seems to charge up

Ghost: The weapon is already active! Are we too late?

Ikora: Not yet. You need to disconnect the link between the Almighty and the sun before it disrupts the sun's magnetic field

Cayde-6: And everything goes…. BOOM.

The Guardian extends the bridge over the fuel stream pushing further into The Almighty.

Zavala: Our forces are moving into position outside the City walls. Your signal will start the assault.

Ghost: We'll get the job done, Commander.

Mineral Processing, The Almighty

Ghost: That tunnel over there should lead us straight to the central core.

Exploring the mining control office

Ghost: It looks like the Red Legion are using the planet Mercury as fuel.

Cayde-6: Strip mining the solar system? That's… kind of impressive.

The Guardian picks up a fusion cell

Ghost: That's radioactive and unstable. Don't hold onto it for too long.

The Guardian quickly deposits it in the power plant activating the ore tunnel. The Guardian kills Purifier Vurst.

Ghost: Ore tunnels are clear. We can follow the fuel to the weapon's core.

The Guardian walks down the ore tunnel

Ghost: These rocks… It's hard to believe that this is one of our planets ground up under our feet.

Cayde-6: There's still plenty of planet left. We'll take care of it.

Ikora: Zavala, your group is in position at the City's perimeter.

Zavala: Understood. Preparing to go radio silent. We can't give the Red Legion any warning. Guardian, I will do all I can to reclaim our home. If we do not meet again… know how proud I am of what you have done.


Ghost: Sooo… the only way to get where we're going is— out there.

Stepping out onto the sun exposed deck

Ghost: We can do this

As the Guardian runs

Ghost: Stay in the shadows. The shadows!

The Guardian traverses the exterior safely

Ikora: It is time for me to go, Guardian. You know your path. You don't need our guidance anymore. If my journey ends today, then I will face it gladly.

The Guardian continues to push towards the core

Cayde-6: Hey, Hawthorne says we're reaching our insertion point. And I'm not big on goodbye scenes. So you do… what you gotta do. Make it out alive, OK? I need someone who gets my jokes.

The Guardian enters a large room

Ghost: See those tubes? That's how we get to the weapon core.

Bruiser Thurn is defeated and the Guardian approaches one of the tubes to jump in.

Ghost: Here goes nothing!

Light's End, The Almighty

Ghost: Interceptors! It's like they're begging us to blow this place up.

Ghost sees the energy weapon up close

Ghost: Wow, that's… wow.

The Guardian moves closer

Ghost: The thermal exchangers. Take them out and the weapon will over heat!

As the weapon cycles through a lower power mode

Ghost: The vents are blocking our shots! Wait for them to open!

The Guardian destroys the first thermal exchange

Ghost: That's one!

The second thermal exchange is destroyed.

Ghost: That's two. Last one should be ventilating the core.

The third thermal exchange is destroyed.

Ghost: Temperature levels are rising, but it's not enough. We need to disrupt the core itself.

The Guardian finds a fusion cell

Ghost: A fusion cell! We'll use that to overload the electron reservoir.

The Guardian deposits the fusion cell into the electron reservoir.

Ghost: I'm bringing the ship around. Run!

The Guardian starts to run for the ship

Ghost: Zavala, the weapon is destroyed! Start the attack!

The Guardian makes it to the ship

Ghost: We're done here. Let's go home.

The City, Earth

A cabal is distracted by a chicken and killed by Cayde-6.

Cayde-6: Heh! That's a good job, Colonel.

Hawthorne: What's that now, seven in a row?

Cayde-6: Ehh, who needs the Light when you've got a fine-feathered friend by your side? Am I right? Am I right or am I right? I'm right.

The incursion team push further into the city, getting into place to attack a Cabal squad guarding a gate.

Cayde-6: OK. Yeah. That's the rally point where I'll set up the teleporter. Zavala and Ikora should be at their marks by now.

Hawthorne: Zavala, we're in position

Zavala: As are we. Ikora, ready when you are.

Ikora: Copy. Fire in the hole.

A rocket kills a Cabal soldier as Ikora and two other guardian perform a drive by on sparrows to drop a grenade into the group. Hawthorne shoots the grenade

Hawthorne: OK, let's go.

Hawthorne, Cayde-6 and a group of survivors move up their position. Ikora and the other sparrows draw more attention, avoiding enemy fire.

Ikora: Zavala, we're coming around

Zavala leads a team straight through the gate meeting a squad of Cabal.

Zavala: OK.

A skirmish ensues. Zavala grapples with a Cabal, using its own weapon to kill it before he is swiped by a centurion. A Cabal steps on Zavala's chest, preparing to shoot him but his head explodes. Hawthorne comes in and helps Zavala up.

Hawthorne: What's with you Guardian falling down all the time?

Zavala: Where's Cayde?

A spotlight pins Hawthorne and Zavala down in cover

Hawthorne: If he's sticking to the plan…

The Cabal is thrown from the roof revealing Cayde-6 giving a thumbs up

Hawthorne: …he's right where he needs to be. Now we just gotta get you and Ikora up there with him.

Suddenly a Cabal shield divides the group.

Hawthorne: Well, this changes things. I'll work on this, you need to get moving!

Zavala: Ikora, Cayde is in place and I'm en route. Good luck… Guardian.

The Immortal

Consul: Ghaul. The enemy attacks the city… and the Almighty is lost!

Ghaul: Lost? Explain yourself.

Consul: Laid waste. By the very same Guardian that somehow managed to reclaim its power and has been humiliating our forces throughout this cursed system. You would know this if you hadn't been wasting your time communing with the machine and the creature who claims to speak with it.

Ghaul: Take care your tone, Consul.

Consul: My tone? Hah! We will fail in our mission to secure this power— And deliver our people. For the first time in the glorious history of the Red Legion— Fail! Because of you and your preoccupations. Look at your Traveler, Dominus. The cage is complete. The time is now. Claim what is rightfully yours and take this power.

Ghaul: Tell me, Speaker. What more does the Traveler want of me?

The Speaker: Ghaul. I speak… for… the Traveler. I never said it spoke to me.

The Consul kills The Speaker

Consul: This fixation is over! You have already been chosen, not by some inert machine… but by ME! I chose you the day I found you. Remember who you are. What you are. You are Cabal! Cabal wait for nothing. You WILL take the Light. Do what you swore and give me the vengeance you promised. Look at me, student! Look at me!

Ghual strangles Consul

Ghaul: I will do what I swore, old friend. I am Ghaul. And I will take the Light.

Ghaul regards the Traveler as The Speaker and Consul's bodies lie on the floor.

The City, Earth.

Ghost: The Traveler. What's happening to it? Zavala, we're back and ready to-

Thumos's ship which the Guardian is flying gets hit by weapons fire. Ghost safely transmats them out.

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