As Prophesied: Broadcast from Lakshmi-2

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

Splicer Servitor — As Prophesied

As Prophesied — Step 2

The Guardian approaches the radio in the H.E.L.M. Lakshmi-2's portrait is displayed as she speaks.

Lakshmi-2: People of the Last City: we have endured many great tragedies thanks to our strength and a steadfast commitment to humanity. The Traveler chose us. It abandoned the Fallen because they are unfit, unworthy of the Light. They would take it from us if they could. The Vanguard have lost their way. They embrace the Darkness. Welcome Eramis's followers into our midst with open arms. Force us to celebrate our lost heroes alongside those who murdered them. Yes, the Endless Night is over. But now, Mithrax and his House will use this opportunity to do what the Fallen have always done. Covet. Cheat. Steal. Kill. I have seen the future with my own eyes, and it has not changed. Doom still builds on our horizon like a terrible storm. But there is hope. Right now, loyalists to the Future War Cult and New Monarchy have rounded up the Fallen in our city. With the aid of Osiris, I have learned how to safely command the power of the Vex. I will use it to do what the Vanguard will not. I will tear open a rift; banish the Fallen to the depths of space from where they came. We alone will save humanity. I have seen the darkest of futures, and with this act, I will–

Lakshmi-2 pauses and there is radio static. Vex can be heard roaring in the background.

Lakshmi-2: No. NO! [agonized screams]

Her voice distorts mechanically as she screams, carrying on for a few moments before fading out. The transmission ends in silence.

As Prophesied — Step 3

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