Into the Depths V: Speak with Saint-14

Saint-14: Ah, I see you—you see me too? Ha, good, good. Then it is all working: you, me, this projector. Even if we sometimes falter… There is a war building in Sloane's eyes, one that Xivu Arath will exploit, as she did with Osiris. Savathûn wore his face, but it was Xivu Arath who took his Light. Her whips drove him into a frenzy, lured him into danger, forced Sagira's sacrifice… and left him to die. Now she twists my thoughts into thorns… draws out the faces of the suffering Eliksni into my dreams. She whispers that… I took pleasure in their pain. I see their eyes as they died by my hands. And they see me. She does not lie. She challenges what you hold as a strength. Osiris's ambition, my protection… Sloane's duty. I have felt how the right word, the right face, can incite one to violence. But I have changed. What she has taken… it will not break me. Sloane is no warrior of glass, but the war within her… even stone crumbles under enough strife. Stay with her, Guardian, as I should have with Osiris. We must offer her what support we are able, even if she does not want it.

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