Quest: Further Interference, Let Loose Thy Talons

Trostland, European Dead Zone, Earth

The Crow: Guardian, the coordinates the Traveler sent us lead to the dam. It's overrun by Taken, but we're going deep inside. They're less active on those levels. I'll scout out the spots the Taken usually infest. Clear the path for you as best I can.

Ghost: Do you… come out here often, Crow?

The Crow: Not as much since we met, but I used to when on assignment. It's quiet out here. No one to bother me… hmph, or for me to bother.

The Guardian approaches a golden hawk, a manifestation of the Light, and communes with the Traveler. The Guardian searches for the golden hawk's feathers.

The Reservoir, European Dead Zone, Earth

The Guardian collects a Paracausal Feather.

Ghost: This feather both exists and doesn't exist. It's a manifestation of potential energy. The choice between action and inaction.

The Crow: Keep an eye out for Taken. That's exactly the sort of thing Savathûn would love to get her spindly little hands on.

The Guardian heads further into the reservoir, defeating the Taken which they encounter.

The Crow: Not to worry you or anything, but there's definitely something going on here.

Glint: What he means is that we've picked up numerous paracausal readings throughout the dam… and a number of very agitated Taken.

The Crow: We'll handle Savathûn's Taken, but the other energy signatures are closer to you. Can you look into it?

The Guardian defeats the Taken which appear as they head further into the Reservoir and collects two more Paracausal Feathers. As the Guardian approaches the fourth Paracausal Feather, they discover one of Crow's hideouts.

The Crow: Don't mind the mess. Glint's a terrible maid. This is just where I come to… get some distance when I need it. Some place to call my own.

Glint: It's his Crow's nest.

The Crow: It absolutely is not.


The Guardian approaches several empty bottles.

The Crow: I did not drink that by myself, in case you were curious. In fact, I didn't have any of it. After Glint brought me to life, I quickly came to realize that Guardians recognized me as whoever I was before. They… weren't always kind. Heh. So I took to wearing a helmet to hide my face. Before Spider. Even then, I rescued a Warlock and her Ghost once. She offered me a drink afterward, but I left before she came back with it. I don't know why but I returned for the empty bottle later. I've always wondered how she would have treated me if I'd stayed. If she saw my face.


The Guardian approaches an Ascendant Sword.

The Crow: I've learned many things since my second birth. Fear. Humility. But this… this was where I learned pride. That Sword belonged to the Hive Knight I killed to protect Osiris. It felt good, saving someone so important to the Vanguard. Someone who used to be an outcast. It was like I had finally found my purpose. Like I was brought back for a reason. And there you were, Guardian.


The Guardian approaches a white shroud.

The Crow: I forgot this was here. My first memories are waking up under this shroud. The first thing that was mine. It was comforting, somehow. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Someone cared enough to lay me to rest. I meant something to them, whoever they are, and that… means something to me.


The Guardian approaches several tools.

The Crow: Ahh… ha, yes. Spider wanted all of this thrown out, but I couldn't bring myself to. Even broken, it still might have a purpose to someone. I've heard that before the Collapse, there used to be an art. It took broken things and put them back together with precious metals. It made something new and beautiful out of something that would have just been thrown away.


The Guardian approaches a bowl.

The Crow: Oh, right. Glint gave this to me.

Glint: It was a gift. It was the Dawning. Your first Dawning.

The Crow: The first time I ever felt it might be safe to be around other Guardians. I'm not stupid. I know… the person I used to be, he did something terrible. I can feel it when people look into my eyes and see him. The way you looked at me when we met. I don't ever want to know him.

The Guardian collects the fourth Paracausal Feather. The Guardian tracks the Taken to the lowest sector of the reservoir. Ishrasek, Lightbinder of Savathûn appears.

Glint: Something's happening. I'm detecting massive gravity distortions in the dam! A little tip from upstairs: when these Taken are destroyed, they'll collapse into singularities of paracausal energy. Use that to disrupt their shield!

The Guardian defeats Lightseeker Taken Acolytes and uses orbs of condensed paracausal energy to destroy Ishrasek's shield. The Guardian attacks Ishrasek until Ishrasek retreats.

Velox, Lightseeker of Savathûn and Teorax, Lightseeker of Savathûn appear. The Guardian defeats Velox, Lightseeker of Savathûn, Teorax, Lightseeker of Savathûn and the remaining Taken.

The Guardian collects two more Paracausal Feathers. The Guardian approaches the golden hawk nearby and communes with the Traveler.

The Crow: I don't know why the Taken blocked that wing off. There's just an old ship down there. Spider wanted me to junk it, but I… might have told him that I did, and kept it for myself.

Glint: Doesn't run anymore. It was already in pretty bad shape before we got to it. And while Crow might be an excellent pilot, he, uh… he isn't exactly gentle with his ships.

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