Quest: Premeditation, Dynasty

Lost Oasis, Io

Ikora: Guardian, if you're not busy, I could use your help. As you know, I have a wide network of informants. The Hidden. One of my Agents saw the Taken interacting strangely with the Vex, and then she went dark.

Ghost: Sorry to hear that. We'll take a look around. Maybe it's nothing.

The Guardian investigates a site to gather intelligence for Ikora.

Ghost: Hey guys? Seems like the Taken are trapping the Vex.

Ikora: Why trap them? Are they trying to take them?

Asher: Ikora, please. Without their King, the Taken could not hope to possess even the most dim-witted of Goblins.

Ikora: Challenge your assumptions, Asher Mir! Its always the impossible that actually happens.

The Guardian gathers intelligence from a group of Taken enemies and defeats an Ensnaring Wizard.

Ghost: I'm with Ikora. Something strange is going on here, and the Taken do not want us around.

The Guardian gathers intelligence from two more groups of Taken. Another Ensnaring Wizard appears. The Guardian defeats the Wizard.

Ghost: I'm picking up on a Vex broadcast. Seems like a distress call. We can track it.

The Spine Burrows, Io

The Guardian gathers intelligence on the confined Vex. A Taken Knight, Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria, appears. The Guardian fights Ir Arok but it disappears before it can be destroyed. In its place appears Elatiox, Beloved of Quria. The Guardian defeats Elatiox.

Ghost: Ikora, I think we found the Taken Knight behind all of this. He got away, but we're tracking him now.

Ikora: That creature had the sense to retreat? Strange. Mind your step. We believed only Oryx, the Taken King, had the power to take his enemies and transform them. I fear we may have been wrong.

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