Quest: The Long Play, Dynasty

The Rupture, Io

Ghost: We have a good view of the Pyramidion. I can see Taken in the distance, just inside the construct.

Ikora: You know first-hand how close Oryx's forces came to capturing the Vex Collective. Imagine the devastation the Taken would wreak if they tried again and succeeded.

Asher: And imagine the devastation your Resistance would feel, Ikora, when you lose your war hero to the infinite of the Pyramidion. Assistant. Do not venture deeper than you must.

The Guardian makes their way into the Pyramidion, climbing the platforms up towards the first warp-gate.

Asher: Assistant? …Don't die.

The Guardian goes through the warp gate and defeats all the Taken in the chamber. The Guardian then heads to the platform outside.

Ghost: Of course we're at the top of an impossible cliff. Why would it be anything else?

The Guardian finds an orrery. Ghost scans it.

Ghost: I read once the Traveller is the most studied object in human history. The people of the Golden Age tracked its movements from planet to planet, trying to understand everything they could.

The Guardian pursues Ir Arok.

The Endless Gate, Io

The Guardian defeats the Vex and the Taken. Ir Arok, Tongue of Quria, appears. The Guardian defeats Ir Arok and destroys the warp gate to the Vex Collective.

Ghost: Asher. Ikora. The warp gate's toast. We stopped most of the Taken, but a few got through.

Ikora: That's fine. This could have been the beginning of a major war, and you stopped it dead in its tracks. If the Taken and Vex continue to conspire together, I will be the first to know, and you two will be the next.

Asher: Ahem! I have something to say to you, Guardian, and if you would, I'd like to say it in person.

Ghost: Are you finally going to thank us? Sure, we're on our way.

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