— A Vex mind that was Taken by Oryx.

Quria was a Vex mind that battled Oryx in his throne-world. It managed to infiltrate the throne-world when Crota, who was deceived by his sisters, attempted to open a portal to another area of the Ascendant Realm but accidentally opened a portal into the Vex network.1 Quria came through the portal, entered the Ascendant Realm, discovered how to use the Sword Logic, and launched a moderately successful assault on the Hive.2 Its invasion was brought to a halt when Oryx arrived and confronted it, defeating it with little effort. However, Oryx was intrigued by Quria, as in its last moments, it created a simulation of Oryx as he was in his childhood. Rather than destroy Quria, Oryx decided to Take it, but leave some of its will intact; he gave it to Savathun as a gift.34

Later, Savathun used Quria to create the Dreaming City Curse and control the Taken.56 She also used it to hijack part of the Vex network to create the Endless Night.7 The Endless Night would prove to be Quria’s downfall, as Guardians, with the help of Mithrax, infiltrated the Vex network and destroyed the Mind, ending the Night and severing Savathun’s control over the Taken.8

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