Quest: Unsavory Allies, Hunter and the Hunted

Spider's Safehouse, Tangled Shore, The Reef

The Crow transmats into the Spider's Safehouse. The Guardian approaches the Crow and the Spider.

The Spider: What's this? Thought I told you to bring me the Warlock Osiris.

The Crow: Osiris…

Ghost: Lost his Ghost. He's gone back to the Tower to recover.

The Spider: You Lightmongers never cease to amaze me. You deal with violence so easily, and suffer loss so poorly. Such fragile killers.

Ghost: We'll finish what he started.

The Spider: And what's that, hmm?

Ghost: Avenge Sagira. Eliminate the High Celebrant.

The Crow: I had it in my sights. If your friend hadn't needed saving —

The Spider: You forget your place, little bird.

The Crow: My apologies, Baron.

The Spider: Now then. Perhaps we can help each other out, eh? I know how accomplished you are at exacting revenge. [chuckles] Xivu Arath is using her High Celebrant and those damned cryptoliths to corrupt Eliksni. Cabal too. But I'm losing soldiers and Glimmer by the Skiff-loads. That's right. I know what Osiris was doing on the Moon. I also know you'll fare far better, given the, ah, proper motivation. Leave us, Crow. The Guardian and I have terms to discuss.

The Crow transmats out of Spider's Hideout.

The Spider: My little bird sure is something, isn't he? I have to imagine you share in my appreciation of fate's cruel sense of humor. I found him wandering the Reef like a piece of wind-blown trash. Aimless, hopeless. No memory of the prince he was. Now, I could have sent him off to the Tower, but… we all know what's waiting for him there. I couldn't let that happen, so I took him in. As a kindness. As far as his loyalty is concerned, I took a few extra precautions and made some… modifications to his Ghost's shell. Now, if he ever flies too far from the nest? Boom. That ugly business out of the way, let's focus on what really matters: this Hive infestation. I propose a partnership. You go out there and do what it is you do best, and I'll ah… lend you the resources you need to get it done. Maybe even a little extra something on the side, hm. Just don't mention the name Uldren Sov. For his sake.

Unsavory Allies

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