Shard of the Traveler (Striker)

The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: This forest again… well, I can't say our last visit wasn't memorable. Let's see what we can find.

Guardian follows a stream deep into a cave

The Dark Forest, European Dead Zone, Earth

Guardian enters a cave and finds a portal inside.

The portal opens and is made from what resembles Taken energy

Ghost: Whoa! Um. Knock knock?

Guardian enters the portal and steps into a ghostly grove of trees with a stream

Ghost: Gotta love the ambiance… Hey! Do you see that? Over there. The light.

Guardian follows the path and finds a still humanoid projection of light.

Zavala begins to speak from an unknown source

Zavala: You are a Guardian of the Last City. You are the hope for humanity. Some doctrines argue that the role of a titan is to stand in defense of the City. The Strikers see a crackling offence as the best defense. Strikers throw their bodies at incoming fire so others wont have to. It's also the most direct line to a target. Because, you see, when a Striker turns her entire body into a projectile, no one is truly safe. And at close quarters, a fist is better than any gun.

Guardian continues to follow the path and finds another humanoid projection made of light.

Zavala begins to speak from an unknown source

Zavala: As a Titan, you lead the charge. You are the first into the fray. The body is made from tiny stuff, from near-nothings. From atoms swimming through a blood of crackling sparks. Simple eternal laws shape the universe. The largest galaxy is ruled by principles of mass and motion. Electrons are slaves to charge and to chance. And this is why the universe feels inexhaustible, eternal. The Light allows us to master charge and chance. Wielding Arc energy in their fists, Strikers becoming the roar of thunder, the crash of lightning

Guardian finds a large Cabal projection made of Light.

Zavala and Wei Ning begin to speak from an unknown source

Zavala: Some of the greatest Titans have defined the charge. Lord Shaxx. Saint-14. Wei Ning.

Wei Ning: When my Ghost found me — when I was reborn as a Titan — she found me in a desert. I had died far from civilization, far from anything I could have possibly used to defend myself. I had the armor she made me, flimsy as it was, and a thousand miles to walk to get to what she said was my new home. Of course, we ran into problems.

House of Dusk Fallen attack the Guardian

Ghost: Heads up! Fallen!

Guardian defeats the Fallen and another portal opens

Guardian enters the portal and steps into another ghostly grove of trees

Guardian finds another projection made of Light

Ghost: I think these Light projections might be lessons.

Wei Ning begins to speak from an unknown source

Wei Ning: Bandits, first, with guns scavenged from who knows where. My second death was terrifying. But I got back up, and the night sky sparkled overhead, and the man that killed me stared aghast, and I laughed. Immortal! Me! I could do anything! So I threw myself at him. If my body couldn't be broken, then that was my greatest weapon, greater than any gun that could jam or knife that could dull. Each punch and charge and kick would only sharpen my skills. I taught the Strikers this truth. The fastest and surest way to a Guardian's victory is to rush headlong into that danger. Be unafraid. You are the lightning, and the thunder after it.

Guardian moves deeper into the grove and finds another projection made of Light

Zavala begins to speak from an unknown source

Zavala: With Strikers at the fore, the Red Legion cannot hope to stand against us. We are the Titans of the Last City. We are Strikers. And we will not be stopped.

Guardian moves deeper into the grove and finds another figure made of Light

This figure made of Light is in a Fist of Havoc pose

A female voice begins to speak from an unknown source

Unidentified Female: I hear the roar before I see him, but when I look up I can make out a blue burst against the skyline. When he falls, he brings the sky with him. He scatters me and my squad to the wind. Leaves us dead as the moment our Ghosts found us. They bring us back, and he helps us up. Then he says one thing. He said… "Tell me what you've learned."

Another portal opens

The Guardian enters and finds a Shard of the Traveler

The Shard is white with purple glowing fractures and nearby trees pulse with electrical energy

Ghost: Another Shard of the Traveler! But we're not alone.

House of Dusk Fallen attack the Guardian

The Guardian defeats the Fallen.

Ghost: This Shard called us here. I'm sure of it.

The Guardian communes with the Shard and is infused with arc energy becoming a Striker

Ghost: The Shard gave us a gift. Lets use it.

Wellsprings of Light appear and are centered around green healthy saplings

The Guardian receives a Boundless Light buff when in the wellsprings of Light

House of Dusk Fallen attack

The Guardian defends the Shard

Ghost: I'm picking up Fallen radio chatter. They're calling reinforcements.

Another wave of Fallen attack and are led by Poknis, Order Captain

Poknis, Order Captain, and the Fallen are defeated by the Guardian

Ghost: Incredible. If that was a test, I think we aced it.

Another portal opens and the Guardian leaves

The Sludge, European Dead Zone, Earth

Guardian exits portal into The Sludge

Ghost: I'm sure the Traveler called us to the forest deliberately. It's amazing that even a corrupted Shard can still do so much good.

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