Siege of the Warmind

Opening of Siege of the Warmind

Eris Morn: Rasputin is the last of the Warminds. They were the greatest defense systems ever devised, a massive network of satellites and doomsday weapons built to protect humanity. Crota’s army gathers near one of the Warmind’s hidden bunkers. We cannot let the Hive destroy Rasputin, or worse, control him.

Landing in the Mothyards

Eris Morn: There’s a secret entrance to the Warmind’s bunker beneath the Forgotten Shore. Stop the Hive from reaching Rasputin.

Eris Morn: Rasputin remains silent, but still fights to protect us. We cannot let Crota’s army find a way around the Warmind’s defenses, or Crota’s disciples will flood the Earth.

Entering the Forgotten Shore

Entering Bunker Ras-2

Eris Morn: That music? Rasputin’s in trouble.

Eris Morn: I’ve never known him to welcome visitors. Find the control room.

Entering the Seraphim Vault

Eris Morn: The Hive! They found a way inside. Don’t let them reach Rasputin.

Eris Morn: Find the controls. Make sure the Hive haven’t destroyed Rasputin.

Eris Morn: Something’s wrong.

Omnigul, Will of Crota enters

Eris Morn: Omnigul! Silence her screams!

Omnigul, Will of Crota leaves

Watchers of Crota Enter

Watchers of Crota defeated

Might of Crota Enters

Might of Crota defeated

Eris Morn: Well done, Guardian. Rasputin is safe, but Crota’s army is more powerful than I thought. We cannot rest. Now is the time to stop them from waking Crota’s soul.

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Shard of the Traveler (Gunslinger)

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