The Dust Palace

The Hollows

Meridian Bay, Mars

Cayde-6: The Dust Palace is lost to us again. Back in Cabal hands. Word is they've let Psion Flayers out of their cages, to dig around in the Central AI's cortex. Which means, they really want what's buried in there. If Rasputin was protecting it, it's valuable. We've got to flush thos Flayers out.

Guardians land in the Hollows.

Ghost: According to Vanguard reports from Cayde, the Psion Flayers are already at the top of the Dust Palace. We'd better move.

Guardians engage Cabal, proceeds to Dust Palace

Ghost hacks breach door

Ghost: The Cabal have locked us out! I'll have to decrypt their security overrides!

Something's interfering with security protocols! This is going to take a while!

Guardians fight off Cabal

Ghost: Alright, we're through!

Ghost hacks door

Ghost: Looks like the Cabal got impatient. I'll get it back together.

Cabal engage Guardians

Ghost: Almost There! The damage was more extensive than I thought.

I got it! Let's keep moving!

Guardians enters Overwatch in the Dust Palace

Ghost: The Flayers just penetrated the Cortex! We're running out of time!

Guardians fights off Cabal and Vex

Ghost: The Flayers are inside the cortex! Locking it down tight!

Guardians enters Cortex

Ghost accesses Cortex controls

Ghost: I think I can force the Psions out of the Cortex! Then they're all yours!

Guardians engage & kill Psion Flayers

Ghost: Nice work. I'll let the Vanguard know the Flayers are dead

Cayde-6: If those Psion Flayers were tangling with Rasputin, they are way more powerful than we realize. We better keep an eye on what their minds can do.

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