Unexpected Guests

Lost Oasis, Echo Mesa, Io

Ikora: Guardian. My agents report that the Taken are gathering at a Cabal camp near you current position, but we have no idea why. I would appreciate your insight.

Asher: So what if the Taken are gathering? They're not bothering us. With a little peace and quiet, I might be able to do some real work.

Ikora: The Taken are an army without a commander, Asher. If we leave them 'with a little peace and quiet,' they might crown a new king.

The Guardian travels to Terrabase Charon to confirm Ikora's intel.

Terrabase Charon

Guardian eliminates Taken at Terrabase Charon then pursues them deeper into the base.

The Wraith Mines

Ghost: We found a scary portal. Reminds me of the ones we saw on the Dreadnaught.

Ikora: A portal to the Ascendant Realm. The Taken world lies beyond that veil. A new power must be seeking entrance into our world.

The Guardian moves further into the mines and encounters a glowing Arc Charge.

Asher: You should be able to directly manipulate Io's hyperparticle dimensions to collapse the portal.

Ghost: Sorry, what?

Asher: Your hands! Use your hands to pick up the energy

The Guardian picks up the Arc Charge.

Ghost: We've got it. Now what?

Asher: Bring it to that portal. You're fighting entropy with order here. Move!

Ghost: I'm pretty sure that's our whole job description.

The Guardian deposits the first Arc Charge at the portal

Ikora: Shadows grow darker in the presence of Light. Fight back, Guardian!

Taken spawn.

After defeating the Taken the Guardian locates the second arc energy charge and deposits it next to the portal.

Ikora: Hurry! Whatever is on the other side of that veil has to know you're trying to seal it in.

The Guardian destroys Taken blights impeding their passage and locates the third Arc Charge.

Fighting through Taken the Guardian deposits the third Arc Charge at the portal.

Ghost: Ikora, Something's coming through.

Asher: How deliciously unexpected.

Iraz, Eye of Savathun comes through the portal and is defeated by the Guardian.

Ghost: Hey, team? The screaming thing from the abyss is dead.

Ikora: That creature was the servant of some higher power. I fear something has claimed Oryx's crown.

Asher: Yes, yes. Let's move on. Your intuitions were correct; mine were not. And the Guardian's prowess in battle was… adequate.

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