The Leviathan Returns: The Binding Ritual

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

Zavala, Eris Morn, and Empress Caiatl stand at the viewport of the H.E.L.M. and gaze at the Leviathan.

Eris Morn: The lunar Pyramid stirs to the Leviathan's call. It manifests our deepest regrets. They wear familiar faces and speak with familiar voices.

Empress Caiatl: Remember your last advisor, Zavala.

Empress Caiatl indicates Eris Morn with a jerk of her head.

Empress Caiatl: You trust this one's judgment?

Eris Morn: I can bind these Nightmares to us, grant us safe passage through the ship.

Empress Caiatl: Hive Magic. You would doom us all.

Eris Morn speaks to Zavala and touches his arm.

Eris Morn: I know what I'm asking you to confront.

Zavala: Do you?

Eris Morn: The rules have bent around us. We must also bend.

Empress Caiatl: Madness. Your witchcraft plays right into my father's hands. Find someone else for your ritual.

Eris Morn: Your regrets will follow you, Empress. Let me offer protection.

Empress Caiatl slams her fist against her chestplate.

Empress Caiatl: [grunts] My armor is protection enough. I will lead the charge. You need only follow.

Zavala and Eris Morn nod to each other.

Wing of the Haunted, The H.E.L.M.

Eris Morn, Zavala, Crow, and the Guardian participate in a ritual in front of the Crown of Sorrow.

Eris Morn: No matter what happens, do not break the circle.

Eris Morn holds out the Nightmare Harvester.

Eris Morn: This will anchor our offerings. Now, tithe your weights to the Crown.

Eris Morn offers her Ahamkara bone.

Zavala: My heart… from a time long past.

Zavala offers Safiyah's crochet hooks.

Crow: My memory, from one life to the next.

Crow offers a cloth scrap from Uldren Sov's burial shroud.

Eris Morn: Song of Sathona, your words are mine to command. Vorlog. Aiat.

Eris Morn is lifted into the air by the Nightmare Harvester.

Zavala: Eris!

Zavala starts to rise and reach for Eris. The Guardian holds Zavala's arm and he pauses.

Eris Morn: Chords plucked in offered throats, find chorus. Echoes once dissonant, exhumed, find harmony in binding flesh. It burdens. It burdens.

Zavala: [groans under strain]

The Nightmare of Safiyah appears behind Zavala.

Crow: [grunts]

The Nightmare of Uldren Sov appears behind Crow.

Eris Morn: It burdens… until the choir relents, accepting. Aiat.

The Nightmare Harvester pulses with energy, and Eris Morn returns to the ground.

Eris Morn: We are bound.

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

Empress Caiatl is still at the viewport of the H.E.L.M. The Nightmare of Ghaul appears behind her.

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