Wayfinder's Voyage II: Summoned by Mara Sov

Summoned by Mara Sov

The H.E.L.M., The Tower

The Guardian approaches the Wayfinder's Compass to receive a briefing from Mara Sov.

Queen Mara Sov: I know you have reservations about my arrangement with Savathûn. I feel it in your heart. For all her clever machinations, the Witch Queen did not anticipate your success in stopping Quria or the Endless Night. Her schemes unravel, and now she needs my protection from Xivu Arath. From the worm gods. From you. I have already learned much by observation: the Taken pursued her here. Taken she once controlled. Taken that now serve a new master. Or, if Savathûn is to be believed, their original master. Not her brother, Oryx, but something far older. She fears it. It commands Xivu Arath to conquer the Ascendant space surrounding the Dreaming City... To use the Taken in her campaign against us... for now. Savathûn claims that without the Taken, she cannot break the curse she placed on the Dreaming City. She thinks she can entice me with these half-truths and secret temptations. But she underestimates the lengths to which I will go to correct the past.

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