Wayfinder's Voyage VI: Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

The H.E.L.M., The Last City

The Guardian enters the portal to Queen Mara Sov's chambers in the Dreaming City.

Mara Sov's Chambers, The Dreaming City

The Guardian approaches the cocoon containing Savathûn. Crow stands next to it. Glint hovers near him. Crow addresses Savathûn.

The Crow: You were kind to me. I thought you were my friend.

Savathûn: Am I not?

The Crow: You lied to me!

Savathûn: I helped you break Xivu Arath’s hold on the Shore. Brought you to the Last City. Offered you guidance...

The Crow: Stop.

Savathûn: If that's what you want.

The Crow: I want the truth.

Savathûn: I was kind to you because I wanted to be. Because the truth hurts. You know this better than anyone. Shrinking away from the rumors of the man you used to be—

The Crow: I'm not him.

Savathûn: How can you say that when you don't even know who he is? If the truth is what you really want, then lay your hand on me.

Glint turns to face Crow.

Glint: Crow, don’t. Please.

Savathûn: See… Even your Ghost thinks you're better off in the dark.

Crow steps past the boundary inscribed around the cocoon and places his hand on the cocoon. He writhes but keeps his hand in place as he speaks.

The Crow: [grunts] Everything I did, I did for her!

Crow pulls back, turns, and takes several steps away. He holds his palms up in front of himself and looks at them. Glint darts closer.

Glint: Crow...

Crow holds a hand up to stop Glint, and Glint backs away.

The Crow: Don't! [gasps] Don't come any closer.

Glint turns toward Savathûn.

Glint: What did you show him?

Savathûn: Everything.

Crow transmats away and Glint pursues for a moment then stops.

Glint: No! Wait!

Glint turns back to Savathûn.

Glint: You hurt him.

Savathûn: Someone had to. Better for it to have come from a friend.

Glint transmats away.


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