Wayfinder's Voyage V: Summoned by Mara Sov

Summoned by Mara Sov

The H.E.L.M., The Tower

The Guardian approaches the Wayfinder's Compass to receive a briefing from Mara Sov.

Queen Mara Sov: We are surrounded. A ring of spears pointing inward from the edges of our system. The Black Fleet could have destroyed us, and yet they have waited. Why? Savathûn knows more than she lets on. It is the only reason she still lives, and she is keenly aware of that fact. It is why Xivu Arath pursues her so relentlessly, for Xivu Arath answers to the same entity as the Black Fleet. We must uncover whatever secrets she knows with the time that we have. I must reiterate: she will try to betray us. It is all that a wretched, self-serving creature like Savathûn knows how to do. She needs me to free herself of her worm, but after that... The Blind Well requires alignment. As you rescue my remaining Techeuns, continue your audiences with her. How did Misraaks put it? "We must all learn to live alongside our monsters." Though I suppose he never said for how long.

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