Lord Timur

— A Warlock who was a member of the Iron Lords.

Lord Timur was the first Iron Lord to encounter the Warlord Felwinter.1 After they discussed SIVA, Felwinter joined the Iron Lords to aid in their search.2

There is some confusion as to who first discovered SIVA; Tyra implies Felwinter told Timur of it during their first encounter.1 However, during his first meeting with Lord Radegast, Felwinter implies Lord Timur had knowledge of SIVA prior to this.2

Timur had a fascination with Clovis Bray and believed that they were the key to uncovering SIVA.34 One of his students, Lord Colovance, believed his studies of Bray drove him to madness.5

Timur and Felwinter worked together to find SIVA, though Felwinter also did extensive work alone.67 During their investigations, Lord Felwinter almost killed Timur on the suspicion that he knew Felwinter’s true identity.8

Timur eventually tracked SIVA to the Cosmodrome.9

When the Iron Lords were debating whether to approach Site 6, Timur had some concerns about Rasputin’s defenses, but ultimately agreed to go.10

Timur was one of the nine Iron Lords to make it to the heart of the Replication Complex.9 He was then killed by Lady Jolder’s attempt to seal off the Replication Chamber and destroy the SIVA replicator.11

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