Coalition Shell

For Ghosts who want to make a statement in Cabal circles.

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Z: Empress, welcome. Ikora Rey joins me here.

I: Empress Caiatl. My Hidden found your missing frigate.

C: Did they?

I: It was abandoned on the dark side of the Moon. The Psions who stole it were spotted consorting with Loyalists to Calus, and may still have further plans to do so.

C: Defectors! I decreed their freedom, and they use it to drive a blade into my back rather than meet me face-to-face.

I: Any idea why they'd claim allegiance to your father? I'm concerned Calus is making a play we're missing.

C: Many Psions held significant social standing under my father, due to their military or intelligence capabilities. Now that all Psions are free, some of the old guard feel their status is… degraded by comparison. It is a short-sighted perspective, one that leads to dangerous choices.

Z: Short-sighted, but persuasive. In my time with Saladin's Iron Lords, we met a good deal of Warlords unwilling to join us if it meant stripping themselves of authority. There are always those who value themselves over anything else.

I: Agreed. We saw something similar from the Future War Cult and their supporters when the House of Light joined the City. It was disturbing how quickly that kind of mentality can take hold.

Z: In any event, we should continue monitoring the situation. I don't want to be caught unaware.

C: The Cabal will withstand losing a handful of cowards. If I learn more about these defectors' motives, I will send word. I expect you will do the same.

Z: Indeed.

C: Good fortune in the battles to come, Commander; Vanguard Rey.

[Transmission terminated]


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