Sails of the Shipstealer III: Visit the Holoprojector

Sails of the Shipstealer

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian receives a message on the holoprojector near The Ether Tank in the Eliksni Quarter.

The Drifter: Hey there, Captain! Figured I'd better take over while Mithrax is preoccupied. I heard he's dealing with some family issues. From what I could gather, he tried to shut Eido out from all this pirate business. Mighta lost his temper. Definitely lost face. [sighs] Poor Eido. What do they say? "Never meet your heroes"? Kinda tough when your hero's your dad. No surprise to me Mithrax has got some secrets. Everybody's got something that keeps 'em up at night. I'm sure they'll work it out. Folks have a way of putting aside their differences when the world's at stake. Heh, just look at me and Zavala! Or me and Ikora. Or me and… anybody, really.

Quest: Who Are You?, Gambit, In Its Prime

Category: The Drifter

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Sails of the Shipstealer III: Visit the Star Chart


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