Season of the Worthy Opening Cinematic

Zavala: Two years ago… the Warmind Rasputin helped humanity defeat the Hive on the Martian frontier. On that day it swore to protect us. Now… it may be the only thing that can. The Red Legion has one last play. They have boarded their superweapon, the Almighty. And it's on the move. You already destroyed its starkilling munitions. But whatever the Legion hopes to achieve… won't end well for us. They once took the Tower. They will take nothing else. We'll see to that.

The Almighty is shown drifting away from the Sun. Zavala is then shown aboard the Almighty, fighting against several Cabal.

Zavala: Ana, come in!

Another part of the Almighty with several Psions is shown. Ana Bray appears from the shadows and unsheathes one of her knives from her boot.

Zavala: Ana, are you there?

Ana Bray: Just a moment.

Ana sprints towards the Psions and performs a somersault. She dodges Psion's rifle projectile, stabs another Psion in the head, and sweeps the Psion that shot at her, knocking it to the ground. The third Psion aims for Ana's head: she ducks and slides to avoid being shot and takes down another Psion. Ana knocks the last Psion's weapon down, performs a back-handspring manuever, and throws her knife into the last Psion's head. Ana reclaims her knife.

Ana Bray: Shhh.

Zavala: Ana…report.

Ana Bray: Copy Commander. I've located the central manifold. It seems the Cabal have… disabled the ship's mav thrusters.

Zavala: They've killed the steering on this thing?

The Almighty rumbles.

Zavala: Any idea what that was?

Ana Bray: Checking. That explosion came from the propulsion deck. The Cabal have taken out the primary engine. Have you made it to the bridge yet?

Zavala: Just a moment.

Zavala summons Arc energy to his fist. A Psion is shown destroying the bridge controls and monitors. The Psion suddenly turns towards the door and aims at it, waiting for the door to open. The door opens and the Psion shoots, but Zavala blocks the shot with the armor on his left shoulder. Zavala shoots the Psion, killing it.

Zavala: Hmm… Now I'm on the bridge. They've destroyed the ship's navigation system. We're a dead stick.

Ana Bray: None of this makes any sense. No nav, no engine, no way to steer or change course. It's like they want this thing to drift off into space forever.

Zavala: Not forever.

Zavala discovers a projection of Earth, the Moon, and the Traveler.

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