The Promethean Code

Eris Morn: Stealing from Rasputin… you are entering a world you do not understand.

Cayde-6: Don't worry about her Guardian. She's still mad about what you did to her ship. We need cloaking tech to slip past the Taken and the Warmind bunker's got the code we need.

Forgotten shore, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: After all this time, how can we be sure Rasputin has the code?

Cayde-6: I already stole it once. Used my last copy making that stealth drive you blew up. It was getting old anyway.

Walking down to the Rasputin's bunker entrance

Ghost: I haven't had much luck breaching Rasputin's security.

Cayde-6: You've got the same byass frequency that got me inside.

Eris Morn: He will protect his domain.

Bunker RAS-2, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: More interdimensional goo. The Taken are here.

Cayde-6: What? Not possible. We sealed the complex after the Omnigul breach.

Ghost: Cayde, look at this.

Cayde-6: Oh, that does look bad. Okay, so if you see 'em, ah, just shoot 'em.

Seraphim Vault, Old Russia, Earth

Cayde-6: How did they even get in there?

Eris Morn: The Taken are not bound by terrestrial constraints.

Cayde-6: Yeah, I bet they'll be constrained by terrestrial bullets.

Bunker WAR-4, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: I can't believe the Taken can track us so easily. Oryx really does hate us.

Cayde-6: Which is exactly why we're here. We need those cloaking codes.

The Guardian defeats the Taken in the control room.

Cayde-6: Alright, see what you can pull out of Rasputin. Hmm, there's a joke there somewhere.

Ghost scans the computer interface.

Ghost: These cryptosystems follow no logic I understand. I'm not sure if it can be modified to work on a Guardian.

Cayde-6: Where do you think Bladedancers got their cloaking ability? [Grab the codes, I'll upload my modifications.]

Eris Morn: If the Vanguard are satisfied, we can finally end this. Return to the moon. Steal Crota's soul.

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