Ice and Shadow

Zavala: Life is a delicate thing, Guardian. Hope… faith… love… In an instant they're gone. Everything you've sworn to protect is lost. And all you're left with is silence and shadow… and the knowledge that you should've done more.

Zavala: Could we have defeated Ghaul if the Traveler hadn't awakened? And what of the next threat? Or the next? What then? The Traveler is awake… and the Age of Legends is upon us.

Zavala: In the shadow of the light, our universe is a beautiful, terrible place. Where I once saw miracles… now I see monsters. Someone has to. We have to. That's what a Guardian does.

Hellas Basin, Mars

Ana Bray: Guardians aren't supposed to investigate their past. That's the rule. But I'm not good with rules. Not when there's this much at stake.

Ana Bray: The Clovis Bray tech in that building allowed us to colonize the system during the Golden Age. We – they sought to create peace for all Humanity. Which is ironic, because they also built Rasputin… the single most powerful weapon in the solar system.

Ana Bray: Either way, it's all been entombed on Mars since the collapse… along with something far more terrifying.

Ana Bray jumps off the cliff. Frozen Hive emerge through the ice. The ice begins to break apart. Ana uses one of her knives to stop herself sliding down a large piece of broken ice and climbs to the top of the ice. The shadow of a massive creature passes over Ana.

The Guardian's ship heads towards Mars.

Ghost: Mars – the first place where humanity encountered the Traveler. Home to the Clovis Bray Research Facility, and lost wonders of the Golden Age. The icecaps have kept those wonders hidden for hundreds of years. But the return of the Traveler's Light has sounded an alarm heard throughout the system…and perhaps beyond.

A Warsat falls from orbit towards Mars.

Ghost: The Red War is over, but Ghaul's forces, what remains of them, have been scavenging during their retreat. And now that Warsats are falling out of orbit near Mars, the Cabal are headed there too. I'll plot a landing course.

An alarm sound suddenly goes off.

Ghost: That's the private Vanguard channel!

Ana Bray: Mayday! Mayday! Do you copy! Vanguard access code 0306… GET AWAY FROM MY GHOST, YOU FROZEN – Guardian, requesting backup! I repeat! I need backup down here!

Ghost: This frequency is reserved for official Vanguard business. So, look, whoever this is…

Ana Bray: That's cute! You've got one of the uptight ghosts.

Ghost: Uptight?

Ana Bray: I'm uploading coordinates to a safe landing zone. Please hurry.

Ghost: All right, but you're going to owe us for this one.

Ana Bray: I wouldn't have called you down here unless it was absolutely critical. The most dangerous weapon in the system is on this planet, and an entire army of Hive is trying to destroy it. I need your help.

Olympus Descent, Mars

Ghost: We've touched down on the surface of Mars, Guardian. What's your status? Are you safe?

Ana Bray: For now, but there's a whole lot of "not safe" between us and the Clovis Bray facility, which is where we need to be.

Ghost: What's so important there?

Ana Bray: Warsats, like the one that almost hit you on approach, have been dropping out of the sky since I got here. Which usually means one thing…

Ghost: Rasputin? The "greatest weapon of the Golden Age" you were talking about? But…that's impossible.

Ana Bray: Nothing is impossible where Rasputin is concerned. Meet me at the facility.

The Guardian heads into the ice cavern. While traversing the cavern, Hive suddenly emerge from the ground and attack the Guardian. The Guardian defeats the Hive.

Ghost: I've never seen Hive like this before.

Ana Bray: As far as I know, they don't exist anywhere but here.

The Guardian continues through the cavern.

Ghost: I think it might be time to call in help from the Vanguard.

Ana Bray: Not a great idea. Zavala won't be happy about us digging around Bray. He wants the past to stay buried. But we need to get in there to find out what's going on with Rasputin.

Glacial Drift, Mars

Xol emerges from the ground.

Ghost: What was that?!

Hive appear and attack the Guardian. The Guardian defeats the hostile Hive.

Ana Bray: Guardian, you still with me?

Ghost: We're clear. Where to next?

Ana Bray: We've found a Golden Age research facility buried inside a glacier. Where do you think? Meet me at the entrance to Clovis Bray.

The Guardian approaches a door. A Hive Knight charges toward the Guardian. Ana Bray shoots the Knight from behind, killing it.

Ana Bray: Hey, you made it!

Ghost: Actually, yes. We did.

Ana Bray: Well, there were a lot of them. But you did great.

The Guardian nods slightly.

Ana Bray: Come on, let's see what's hiding in here! Besides hordes and hordes of frozen Hive, I mean.

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