High Plains Blues

The Reef

Uldren Sov is shown sitting on the throne previously occupied by Mara Sov. He holds the Ace of Spades.

Uldren Sov: Yes… I am humbled by your gracious acceptance. Mara Sov, my sister, your Queen… may be gone. But she is with us now and always. As for you, my friends, my Barons… you embraced me when I was cast out. And for that I gift to you the bounty of the Tangled Shore. Go! Unleash upon the Fallen… chaos.

The Fanatic: By your grace, Father.

The Barons exit the throne room.

Uldren Sov: You would be proud. The Reefborn's love for their Queen remains… undiminished.

Mara Sov appears next to Uldren.

The Queen: Love is fleeting. But devotion… now that is forever. Not one of them has ever shown more strength of devotion than you, my dear brother. The Awoken cannot be trusted. You and I know that better than anyone. Together we can bestow upon our people the fortune they so richly deserve… Extinction.

Uldren picks up a torch.

The Queen: Free me.

Uldren tosses the torch to the floor, engulfing the throne in flames.

The Queen: Come, Brother. Let us see what dreams may come.

Uldren exits the throne room

The Tangled Shore

The camera pans over shots of the Tangled Shore.

Ghost: The Tangled Shore. A lawless frontier of outlaws, scavengers, and pirates. Murderers like Uldren and his Fallen would fit right in. We need to search the Shore - from the Fallen camps in Quitter's Well to that ancient Awoken Watchtower on the horizon. Leave no stone unturned. Uldren can't hide from us.

High Plains, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: Ikora told us Cayde's killers are skulking about the Tangled Shore. It's not much of a lead, but it's all we've got. Let's get to searching. Uldren and his gang of Fallen can't hide from us.

The Guardian searches the Tangled Shore for Uldren and the Barons.

Ghost: I've marked a suspicious energy signature on your display. Might be worth checking out.

The Guardian finds a terminal. Ghost hacks the terminal. A wall nearby disappears, revealing the entrance to a tunnel.

Ghost: Huh. Well, that's gotta be something.

The Guardian heads into the tunnel.

Four-Horn Gulch, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: This is some kind of smuggler's tunnel.

The Guardian finds a terminal. Ghost hacks the terminal. A wall nearby disappears, revealing a path further into the tunnel. The Guardian defeats the Scorn they encounter and continue through the tunnel, eventually finding their way outside.

Ghost: Those were the creatures we fought in the Prison of Elders. They're spreading.

The Fanatic and the other Barons appear on a nearby ridge.

Ghost: There! On the ridge!

The Fanatic: Perhaps you will give my children a better fight than your friend CAYDE.

The Barons disappear. The Guardian defeats the Scorn which appear. The Guardian scans the corrupted Servitor.

Ghost: They're sucking the Ether out of this Servitor. Corrupting it.

More Scorn appear. The Guardian defeats the Scorn.

Ghost: Someone's hacking our comms.

Petra Venj: You're late. Here I was thinking I'd be hunting Uldren alone.

Ghost: Petra Venj!

Petra Venj: We need to talk. Face-to-face. I'm on my way to see an old acquaintance. Word is he wants Uldren and his Barons dead as much as we do. Problem is, the feeling is mutual, so my acquaintance is laying low in a hidden bunker. If we want him to open the door, we can't leave any witnesses - clear the area.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn. The energy shield drops, opening the path ahead.

Thieves' Landing, The Tangled Shore

Petra Venj: I'm sending you some backup. Please - don't shoot the backup.

The Guardian meets up with two Fallen, Arrha and Avrok, Spider's Associates.

Ghost: Our backup…are Fallen.

Petra Venj: Oh, did I forget to mention that?

The Guardian descends in the elevator. They defeat the Scorn in the first area.

Ghost: Not that I'm complaining, but why are Fallen fighting against other Fallen?

Petra Venj: The Scorn aren't Fallen. Not anymore.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn in the second area.

Petra Venj: The Barons' leader, the Fanatic, has the power to resurrect dead Fallen as frenzied, bloodthirsty puppets. And he believes Uldren gave him that power.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn in the third area.

Ghost: So Uldren and the Barons murder Cayde… and then come here. What's so special about the Tangled Shore?

Petra Venj: That's not my secret to tell, Guardian. It's the Reef's. I'll say this: Uldren sent the Barons here for a reason. I just need to confirm my suspicions.

The Guardian defeats the Scorn in the fourth area.

Ghost: All clear out here, Petra.

Petra: Great. Now get over here.

The Guardian heads towards the Spider's lair. A wall disappears revealing the entrance to the Spider's Lair. The Guardian finds Petra Venj and approaches her.

Petra Venj: Shine your shoes, Guardian. You're about to meet… the Spider.

The Guardian and Petra Venj enter the Spider's Lair. They approach the Spider.

The Spider: Ah! [laughter] Well, if it isn't Petra Venj, the worst jailer in the solar system! What brings you to my home away from home away from home? On the run, are we?

Petra Venj: I heard you lost the Shore…

The Spider: Gah! YOU lost my Shore.

Petra Venj: Thought you might want some help getting it back.

The Guardian steps forward.

The Spider: A Guardian! And where oh where, pray tell, is its Ghost?

Petra Venj: Never mind the Ghost. There were two Guardians at the Prison of Elders when it fell: Cayde-6… and this one. The three of us want the same thing, Spider. Uldren and his Barons. Dead.

The Spider: What it is you're… Oh ho ho, I see! Haha. Despite our clear, mutually aligned interests, I'm sorry, but I can't help but feel like it is I who will come up short.

Petra Venj begins to reach for her knife.

The Spider: It's true. I know where Uldren and his "Barons" scheme. You go, scratch your itch. Then we can just say… you owe me. Do we have a deal?

Petra Venj removes her hand from her knife's hilt.

The Guardian: Deal.

The Spider: [menacing laughter]

Spider's Safehouse, The Tangled Shore

The Guardian speaks to the Spider.

The Spider: One more thing before I give you the location of the Barons' soiree. The Prison of Elders continues to leak like a sieve. SOMEONE should clean up that mess before traipsing off for murder and mayhem. What do you say, "friend"? Quid pro quo before you go?

The Guardian speaks to Petra Venj.

Petra Venj: I'm sorry about Cayde. He didn't deserve to... [sigh] And my people are in ruins. Those who knelt to Uldren, he slaughtered. The rest have scattered. But it's not too late for revenge. Here. This bow is for you, straight from the Vestian armory. Let's go set things right.

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