Last Call

Cayde-6 groans and coughs

Cayde-6: Well, this — this is awkward. I— Y-You got a gun I can borrow?

Uldren Sov: No. But I do have a bullet. With your name on it.

Cayde-6: Any second now, my partner is gonna roll in here and kill… Every. Last. One of you. And you, my man.

Uldren Sov: Shh, shh, shh, shh… This is going to hurt… A lot. Any last words?

Cayde-6: How's your sister?


Destiny 2 Forsaken title card.

Prison of Elders, Sometime Earlier

Cayde-6 and the Guardian transmat in from their ships and walk up to Petra Venj.

Cayde-6: Petra Venj. Thanks for the invite. Whatcha packing for this party?

Petra Venj: Meh. The usual.

Petra unsheaths her dagger.

Cayde-6: Ooh! Do the thing. Seriously, watch this.

Petra levitates her dagger.

Cayde-6 shudders

Cayde-6: That'll never not freak me out. Do it again.

Petra Venj: Later. Maybe. Right now, gen-pop is running wild. Fortunately, the main area and lower levels remain on lockdown. But if the core security systems fail… Containment is going to be… a problem.

Cayde-6: Just another day at the office. All right partner, this is a Cayde riff in 6, watch me for the changes, and, uh… try to keep up. Now let's go to prison!

Cayde-6 jumps off the catwalk.

Cayde-6: WOOOOOHOOOO! Got you! Got you! Got you!

The Cellblocks, Prison of Elders

Cayde-6: Oho, these guys REALLY wanna dance.

Petra Venj: This riot HAS to end here. If these killers get out, the Reef will be overrun.

Cayde-6: So we split up and take 'em out. And a one, two, three—!

Guardian fights rioting Cabal and Fallen as well as Baurg, Blood Infernal


Cayde-6: How did these guys even GET guns?


Cayde-6: Deck 45's clear. How's everybody doing? Having fun? Anybody need to pee?

A wall explodes, killing Baurg, Blood Infernal

Cayde-6: Woah! Who's blowing stuff up without me?

Petra Venj: I'm going to get eyes on that explosion. You two join me when you can!

Ghost: On our way, Petra.

Petra Venj: The faster the better. That last blast knocked a few more cellblocks open.

The Guardian catches up with Petra as she finishes off an escaped Cabal prisoner.

Petra Venj: I love field work! That explosion took out security on the lower decks. I'll check the high value prisoners down there. You and Cayde head to the security hub. Get security back online.

Cayde-6: Ok, pal. This crowd isn't gonna just let us stroll into the security hub. I'l go high, you go low.

The Guardian fights the prisoners


Cayde-6: I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I'M SEEING. [laugh] How's my Shaxx?

The Guardian makes a precision head shot or multikill


Cayde-6: What a shot! I think I'm gonna cry.


Cayde-6: BOOM! Headshot


Cayde-6: Nice shooting, pal.


Cayde-6: I make me so proud.


Cayde-6: Slow down, where's the fire? Other than the… actual… You know what? Never mind.

The Guardian throws a grenade


Cayde-6: GRENADE! Oh, wait, that's yours. Grenade!


Cayde-6: Fire in the hole!


Cayde-6: We got a live one!

The Guardian punches an enemy

Cayde-6: BOOM!

The Guardian stands still for 30 seconds


Cayde-6: Hey. If you 're making a sandwich, could ya bring one for me?


Cayde: I don't hear a lot of gunfire! What are you, negotiating up there? With words?


As a Hunter, upon casting Shadow Shot

Cayde-6: You're making Tevis proud.


As a Hunter, upon casting Golden Gun

Cayde-6: Damn, that's bright. Shoulda worn sunglasses.


As a Hunter, upon casting Arc Staff

Cayde-6: Not the face, not the face! Who needs guns when you got hands like those!


As a Titan, upon casting Sentinel Shield

Cayde-6: Slow down, you're making me look bad.


As a Titan, upon casting Fist of Havoc

Cayde-6: Ooh-ooh-hoo, wheres my popcorn?


As a Titan, upon casting Hammers

Cayde-6: Beautiful!


As a Warlock, upon casting Storm Trance

Cayde-6: Buddy, you sure know how to put on a show.

The Guardian tries to race Cayde-6

Cayde-6: I'm at 16, 17, 18

Cayde-6 appears on an overhead catwalk, golden guns several enemies.

Cayde-6: Can I just say, I am having the time of my life right now.

Approaching the catwalk to the security hub.

Ghost: We're approaching the security hub now, Petra.

Petra Venj: Copy that. Everything's gone dark down here, so I'm stuck taking the long way to supermax.

Cayde-6 jumps onto a Cabal

Cayde-6: Look out below.

The Cabal and Cayde-6 start to fall off the catwalk

Cayde-6: Woah, woah, woah, THIS WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAAAAAAN!

Ghost: CAYDE!!

Cayde-6 appears holding onto a Shank

Cayde-6: Scratch that. It's definitely part of the plan. Meet ya at the security hub. Go left! Left! Your other left!

Approaching the hub

Ghost: This is the security hub. Better clear the area before going in.

The Guardian defeats Megor, Spawn of Xivu and tries to gain entry to the security hub.

Ghost: This says we need warden-level clearance to open the door. Cayde?

Cayde-6: I gotcha. Stand by for promotion.

The guardian gains entry to the hub

Cayde-6: Oh, you missed a truly masterful performance. All that's left is the coop-de-gracie.

Cayde-6 throws the switch, but all the lights turn red and warning alarms sound

Cayde-6: Uh, what's happening to the floor? Ahh, these Hive are gunking up the works. Get 'em out of there will you?

The Guardian cleans out the Hive infestation

Cayde-6: Hive gunk scrubbed! NOW it should turn on.

Ghost: Remember to purge the buffers.

Cayde-6: Sure. Got it. One question; how do I do that?

Ghost: Press the red button.

Cayde-6: They're all red!

Ghost: Then press all of them!!!

Cayde-6 presses all the buttons, and the panel lights up green.

Cayde-6: I can't believe that worked! I am amazing at this.

Cayde-6 throws the switch, but the security system doesn't come online.

Cayde-6: Scratch that. It did NOT work. Don't worry; we got this. Do your thing.

Cayde-6 starts reseting the computer and the Guardian cleans out more Hive gunk.

Cayde-6: Booting it up, for real this time.

Cayde-6 throws the switch, but nothing happens

Cayde-6: Come on, come on!

Cayde-6 shoots the switch, and the system boots up

Cayde-6: And STAY DOWN! Tech support… with extreme prejudice. Well, everything is where its supposed to be, but now its asking me for some kinda secondary activation? Should be a terminal you can use out on the catwalks. I'll cover you from here. Once I figure out how to turn the turrets on. By the way… You and me? Good team. let me get that door for you.

The Guardian heads for the terminal

Cayde-6: Ooh, the turrets have a manual mode. INNNteresting. Hey buddy, whaddya think of my new gun? You still with us Petra? We're gonna clear you a path to supermax real soon.

Petra Venj: Copy that.

Cayde-6: I got this buddy. Take it easy.

Cayde-6: Just try and keep up with these babies!

As the fight progresses

Cayde-6: Two hundred! Tow-oh-one… two-oh-two

Cayde-6 and the Guardian defeat Kaarron, Blood Infernal.

Petra Venj: I've hit a locked door. Any updates for me?

Ghost access's the terminal

Ghost: Bringing the security system online.

Cayde-6: You in the green now, P.V.?

Petra Venj: Yes! Accessing the lower levels now. Just gotta check on a couple of things, and then we can call it a day.

Cayde-6: So long as you're the one buying.

Cayde-6 walks out of the security hub

Cayde-6: Looks like we are all done and dusted here, kiddos. Ramen's on me.

Petra Venj: Looking pretty good down here. Just gotta check one last thing…

Petra opens supermax, draws her weapon and flashlight and cautiously surveys the the interior.

Petra Venj: No… no… no… no… Cayde — he's gone. This isn't a prison riot. It's a prison break. The airlock on Deck Zero! It's the only way out this far down. They're going to escape!

Cayde-6: Not if I get there first.

Cayde-6 climbs the outside of the security hub. Petra hears distant gunshots.

Petra Venj: Cayde?

Petra watches the security hub fall past her with Cayde-6 riding it waving at her. She mouths 'what the…' just before it reaches Deck Zero and explodes.

Petra Venj: Cayde!

Cayde-6's Ghost revives him

Cayde-6: Never felt better. You see that, Petra? Petra? Guardian? Must've knocked out the comm relays with that spectacular landing.

The Barons appear

Cayde-6: And… cue ominous music. OK everybody… back in your cages. I said, back in your cages.

Cayde-6 fights a hoard of enemies, with style, but gets thrown into debris.

Cayde-6: Yeah. That hurt.

He crushes 4 enemies under a metal platform.

Cayde-6: Sorry. Not sorry.

Cayde-6 continues to fight, but is being overwhelmed

Cayde-6: That's it. Now I'm pissed.

He kills an enemy with his horn, but is visibly weakened.

Cayde-6: Was that really… all you got? Help me out here, little buddy.

Cayde-6 summons his Ghost, but she gets shot by the Rifleman. A shockwave of light is released and Cayde-6 stoically stands back up to face the Barons.

Cayde-6: I'm coming home, Ace.

The Hangman attacks Cayde-6, blasting him through a wall. The Ace of Spades gets thrown onto the floor.

The Hole, Prison of Eders.

Ghost: …Cayde? Petra? What's happening down there? Come in, Cayde? Hey, Welcome back. We fell 20 stories down, and I can't reach Cayde. Or Petra.

The Guardian enters a cell block in search of a route down, but finds empty cells

Ghost: Ether trails. Look out for escaped Fallen. But… this Ether is… wrong, somehow.

Ghost scans more Ether

Ghost: Something's loose. And it's close.

The Guardian fights Corrupted Ravagers.

Ghost: These… things… they used to be Fallen.

Ghost: The Fallen didn't just become this. Someone DID this to them.

The Guardian finds a way down a level.

Ghost: Detecting activity below us, but I still can't get anyone on comms.

Ghost scans another empty cell.

Ghost: The lower we go, the more corrupted Ether we see.

The Guardian comes up to a door that wont open

Ghost: Ahh, its fused shut. We need another way.

The Guardian navigates air ducts to find a way down when they are hit with a wave of light.

Ghost: No! Cayde's Ghost… She's dead. Without his Ghost, Cayde dies… We've gotta find him!

The Guardian defeats the Demented Abomination

Ghost: Hold on, Cayde! We're coming!

The Guardian comes upon Uldren and his Barons and Cayde-6.

Uldren Sov: He didn't feel a thing [low chuckle]

Ulren escapes and the Guardian rushes over to Cayde-6 who is dying.

Cayde-6: How's… How's my hair? Speechless. Typical.

Ghost: Oh no… There's nothing I can— I'm… sorry.

Cayde-6: Listen, kid. This… this ain't on you. This… is what I get for… for playing nice. [chuckling and coughing] You tell Zavala and Ikora… [labored breathing] the Vanguard… is the best bet… I ever… lost.

Petra runs in.

Petra Venj: No…

The Tower, Earth

Ikora Rey: He had the worst jokes. Even worse timing. I wanted to laugh. I really did… We should've been there.

Ikora looks toward the Guardian

This is not your fault. This… is on the head of Uldren Sov. But if he thinks what he's done is the end, it's not. Its the beginning. We're going to fight him Do you hear me? All of us. Every Titan. Every Warlock. Every Hunter. We will take the Reef by storm! And then we will mount the head of that son of a bitch on his precious throne. For our fireteam… For Cayde.

Zavala: No…

Ikora Rey: What did you say?

Zavala: We are not an army. We are not conquerors. We are Guardians. We need to keep our eyes here. On our home. Our people. The Traveler. The Reef was lost the moment it lost its Queen. So if another Sov wants a stretch of lifeless rocks, let him have it.

Ikora Rey: This is Cayde we're taking about. For us to do nothing is… is…

Zavala: Say it.

Ikora Rey: …cowardice.

Zavala: I refuse to bury any more friends.

Guardian: You won't have to. Uldren Sov is mine.

Courtyard, The Tower, Earth

Banshee-44: Memory ain't so good these days. But Cayde… Never forget Cayde. Hunter through and through… Left all his worldly possessions to whoever finally took him down. Don't know about you. But. Rather lose every last memory in my head that know that little prince holds Cayde's prized hand cannon; the Ace of Spades. You gotta promise me. Put Uldren in the ground. And get the Ace of Spades back. If anyone should have the Ace… S'you.

Zavala: I thought you'd be gone by now. I would attempt to dissuade you from your course, but it would only… insult us both. As it stands, we've got every available Guardian dealing with escapees from the Prison of Elders. It's still not enough. If you go to war with the Reef, it's a war you will have to fight alone. The Vanguard cannot help you.

Ikora Rey: On the edge of the Reef lies a wasteland called the Tangled Shore. That's where you'll find Uldren. I won't stop you from going. As for Zavala… He would cling to the broken pieces of the future he imagined until they crumble in his hand. He hasn't seen what I've seen. Ever since the Traveler woke, its been speaking to me. Visions of crowns, roses, silver trees. Candles that turn into bonfires. And I'm not the only one. If you see something… new… don't be afraid to pursue it. I wish I could help you more. But the City needs a unified Vanguard. Or at least the illusion of one. And… this is your road now.

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