Kings of Decay

Cayde-6: Guardian, turns out I gave you some bad intel last time. Those Wizards weren't controlling the blight. Mea culpa, and suchlike. Got a real plan this time. There's a Taken Knight running sorties on the Cosmo down there, and the Tower scouts have tracked the blight to the old King's Watch bunker. Hit the Knight in a counter attack, and then push on to the bunker.

Rocketyard, Old Russia, Earth

Cayde-6: Welcome back to the Cosmodrome! We have tracking on that Knight, a critter named Tsugoth... T is silent. Who comes up with these names anyway? Okay, get after him Guardian.

Tsugoth is defeated

Ghost: Cayde, Knight is down. I'm detecting a surge of power in response.

Cayde-6: Just what we wanted and... yup. Its coming from the King's Watch bunker. Our intel was right, thats the source. You know what to do, Guardian.

Echo of Oryx is defeated

Cayde-6: An Echo, huh? In our own backyard! You know, Zavala's too serious to say it and Ikora's too distracted, but the Vanguard wouldn't be what it is today without you. That's... hmphf. Anyway, thank you for the... shooting

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