Extraction Protocol: Introduction

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

Ana, Osiris, an Eliksni, and an Exo Frame are in the Wing of the Seraph. Ana observes the engram containing Rasputin and Osiris paces behind her.

Osiris: Savathûn couldn't conceal every thought. Some I stole. One of Neptune. The Collapse. A turning point. It's a... it's a blur I cannot focus.

Ana Bray: (to the Eliksni) Pass me the wrench?

The Eliskni passes Ana the wrench.

Osiris: The Hidden found nothing there, but I saw it, through the Witch Queen's eyes. A city set against the waves.

Ana Bray: Sounds like a trick.

Osiris: [huffs] Ikora thinks I need to rest... hmph! The gall! You've really made no progress while I was indisposed?

Ana Bray: Is that why you're here, Osiris?

Osiris: Ikora won't listen.

Ana Bray: Wonder where she got that from. [sighs] Red's scrambled in there. Degrading. He's dying.

Osiris: The Warmind is our greatest bastion of Golden Age data. I need what it knows.

Ana Bray: I've tried everything! I— I can't even access his protocols!

Osiris: But perhaps your grandfather could.

Ana Bray: Osiris? That man... no. Clovis Bray is... is a maniac. A selfish, murderous monster.

Osiris: So was Rasputin. But it might be the only option I have left. Just as Clovis... might be yours. When did hope cease to require risk?

Born In Darkness Part 4: Key to the Truth

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